5 Ways To Monetize Your Email Marketing Campaign Using Newsletters!

Making Money With Emails Is Amazingly Simple!

Did you know that email far outranks all other internet marketing campaigns including Facebook and Google Adsense.

Many internet marketers overlook the power of a well written and properly used email campaign.

For example, you can leverage email to:

  • Increase your business and your brand awareness.
  • Expand your customer base.
  • Encourage repeat business.
  • Introduce and promote new products
  • Provide updates-“keeping your subscribers in the know”.

And much more!

Making Money Online The Easy Way will UNVEIL to you the best ways to make money online using newsletters.

The following paragraphs will uncover the 5 ways to make money using newsletters in your email marketing campaign.

 Your newsletter email campaign should accomplish the following:

  • Increase sales conversion.
  • Generate repeat business.
  • Integrate  with affiliate marketing with upsells of related and relevant products.
  • Use feedback to adapt your to email marketing strategy to your target audience’s needs and desires.
  • Persuade purchases offline.

1. Increase sales conversion.

It may take up to 9 “touches” or contacts before your prospects decideS to take action.

Meaning you may have to send out 9 emails to convince them to take action.

Especially with new prospects this can be accomplished thru emails by providing regular high quality content like clockwork.

Repetition is the key here.

Schedule a series of email newsletters such as insider’s tips and tricks, secrets revealed, general advice, etc.

By sharing and keeping your subscribers in the know you make your email newsletter seem more personal, engaging and intimate.

You can use emails to inform them of new amazing content, products and services that’s coming soon.

Your following will start to look forward and depend on you for that “new break thru information.”

By delivering consistent high quality emails  you are building a trusting, authoritative, engaging and  unique brand!


2. Generate repeat business.

Getting people to come back to your website is very simple they must get to know, like and trust you!


THE KNOW: If they “know”that your content is useful to them and you are there to really help them they will want know more about you and products.

Just being yourself i.e. nurturing, caring, supportive and being really interested in their needs   you will naturally attract your targeted audience.

THE LIKE: Have you ever bought something from someone just because you liked them!

Your site visitors will start to like you when you respond to their inquiries in a timely and courteous manner and offer helpful tips, tricks, advice and suggestions.

THE TRUST: Trust is built by the little things you say and do on a consistent basis.

For example if your newsletter is supposed to be sent out every other Monday, make sure it does!

Just this little seemingly unimportant detail can go a long way in building the trust factor.

And if you are delivering high quality relevant information, they will soon trust you as being the expert you claim to be.


3. Integrate with affiliate marketing with up sells of related and relevant products.

Email newsletters are an excellent method to use for upsells of relevant products and or services.

Make sure the relevant and related products has an affiliated program with it so you can monetize from it.

You can also use your newsletter for announcing or introducing new products.

Remember the key here is the product must be related and relevant.

Always offer related and relevant products if you try to be too general in an attempt  broaden the appeal you will have the opposite effect.

Don’t make the mistake that you can throw a bunch of unrelated affiliated products on a newsletter and expect all types of conversions (purchases).

Have you ever clicked on a link expecting one thing and getting something entirely different.

what do you do?

You bounce don’t cha?

It’s not called bounce rate for nothing.

Bounce rate is clicking on a link, web page or website and leaving without converting(buying)!

Always, and I mean always keep this in mind:
All it takes is 3 seconds and a click and you will lose that customer forever!


4. Use feedback to adapt your email mail marketing strategy to your target audience’s needs and desires.

You must know you target audience which should be your site visitor intimately.

What I mean by this is knowing their needs, desires, frustrations, fears and goals.

Your online business must address these by offering the most relevant products and services.


How do you know what products and service your target audience want or need?


that’s how!

Straight up ask your target audience!


The following methods are used to gather feedback from your site visitors.


  • Contact forms.
  • Surveys.
  • Social media retweets, shares, follows, likes, etc.
  • Website analytics.
  • Comment boxes.
  • Online reviews.
By using these feedback methods you will ensure your target audience only gets the best and most relevant offers.  Your site visitors are most likely to buy when it’s something they want or need!


5. Persuade offline purchases.

Consumers are bombarded with on the average 120 emails a day.

How can we stand out and persuade offline purchases?



How many of us uses coupons?

The key here is the offer must be relevant, related and something your customer wants or needs.

Your email list will be dying for your next  email (newsletter) with the latest and greatest tip, trick or “insider knowledge.”

Oh before I forget make sure the newsletter  is mobile friendly since more people are on mobile devices than desktops.

Don’t want to miss out on that consumer base, do we?


My final thoughts are that an effective email campaign coupled with affiliated programs with a ready supply of related products and services can increase your business tremendously.

By providing your customers with consistent emails reminding them of relevant products will build a trust relationship,  increase sales conversions and generate repeat business.

Remember only offer your customers what they want or need.

Using the feedback methods described in this post will ensure you are not spamming them with unrelated offers.

Using coupons with your emails can encourage offline purchases and third party of purchases.

Remember keep it relevant and related.

To learn to email marketing and strategies for your online business, we at makingmoneyonlinetheeasyway.com recommend learning from the most advanced and comprehensive training platform.




I hope this blog was of use to you.

Making Money Online The Easy Way welcome your rants, raves and reviews in the comments below .


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