Best Social Media Tools-Must Have Scheduling and Management Tools!

Are you posting comments on Facebook?

Pinning on Pinterest?


Tweeting on Twitter?


Uploaded a photo on Instagram?


Uploading videos on YouTube?



According to January  2017 estimates there were:

1,800,000,000 people on Facebook.

1,000,000,000 on YouTube.

600,000,000 on Instagram.

313,000,000 on Twitter.

And 150,000,000 on Pinterest.


And those are just the top 5 social media platforms!

Can you imagine diverting just a fraction of that consumer base to your online business or website?

If you are serious about making money online you will eventually utilize one or more of these platforms to make your business grow.

However, juggling between different social media platforms can be daunting and overwhelming.

 Making Money Online The Easy Way searched for the best social media scheduling and management tools.

Why do you need a social media scheduler?

It is obvious you can’t be online 24/7 posting updates.

Also to maintain and build your following you must be actively posting blogs to keep your followers interested.

Having a social media scheduler you can schedule regular posting of your website which drives up your ranking, increases traffic and ultimately leads to increased revenue.

Who doesn’t want more money!

Your social media manager also makes your marketing efforts effective by cross-promoting and connecting your platforms and website.

It keeps you organized between your profiles on different social media platforms.


The sheer volume of visitors to your website that social media can generate can be staggering!

So when choosing the right social media marketing tool look for these key features:

  • Ease of use and supported networks.

Short learning curve not overly complicated.

  • Evergreen content queue.

Your evergreen content is your content that is relevant and never obsolete or dated. (always green i.e. evergreen)

  • Content categories.

You will be able to automate your updates months even years in advance, keeping your website fresh and current.

The ability to schedule and bulk submit your content in advance means you can time your postings when your audience is the most active online.

Social scheduling saves time and reduces stress by publishing on a consistent basis.

  • Social media calendar.

It keeps you organized well in advance and a heads up on your more up and coming activities.

  • Social media analytics.

This science involves identifying, extracting and analyzing social media data such as tweets, likes, shares, and hyperlinks.

These sources of data come from channels, blogs, forum, Q and A’s, just to name a few.

The data is either quantitative or qualitative.

Quantitative means a number such as 4 out 5 stars.

Qualitative is based on tastes, feelings, and opinions, not a specific amount.



We have assembled the top 4 most widely used social media tools:


    1. SproutSocial
    2. PostPlanner
    3. Buffer
    4. Hootsuite

To keep your website with relevant, fresh and trendy content, Making Money Online The Easy Way is going to throw in some content curation tools.

Content curation is the gathering of information (data) from different sources.


    • BuzzSumo lists the most shared posts in each field, by day, week, month, year and which social media platform.
    • Feedly is a news aggregator, meaning it gathers syndicated news from online newspapers, blogs, video blogs (vlogs), podcasts, etc to be viewed from one location, an RSS feed for example.

A picture is worth a 1000 word text.

Did you know that images and  videos get 43% clicks than text alone.


So here are some imaging tools you can try:

    • Canva. Our top pick is super easy and free.
    • Here is another freebie.
    • Fotor
    • PicMonkey
    • SmartMockup

If you plan on using multiple social media platforms you gonna need a tool to interconnect them.

    • IFTTT and its free too.

Contests are an excellent way to drive traffic to your website. You are gonna need these contest tools:


    • Wishpond
    • PromoJam
    • WooBox


Let’s talk about sponsors and brand deals.

Brand deals have skyrocketed on social media. You can expect it to grow even more the coming years.

A brand deal is a sponsorship deal between a company and a creator/social media influencer (YOU), that pays you to market the company’s product to your large audience.

Usually, your audience is usually 5000 or more.


This is not affiliate marketing where you get a commission from each sale.

With a sponsorship, you are paid a fee and/or freebies in exchange for an online review where you introduce the product to your audience.

Like those compensated endorsers on TV’s infomercials.

Be extremely careful what products you stand behind.

A bad one can affect your credibility, reputation, and your brand.

There are several platforms you can use that connect companies and influencers and once you get to certain level of followers, companies will contact you directly.

Here is a good one you can try:

  • Famebit.  You will  need 5000 followers.

Wait a minute here are some sponsers where all you need is 1000 followers:

  • Reelio
  • Izea
  • ChannelPages


Don’t know what to charge.

Don’t worry we got that covered too.

There is a widely used tool that crunches the numbers for you called Social Blue Book.

All you do is pick your social media platform like Facebook. Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube and authorize the site to access your stats.

Based on their findings like # of followers, likes, shares, etc., Social Blue Book will generate a pay range for that sponsored post, photo, video, etc.

What I like best is the writing the proposal part which includes production costs (making the video), agent’s fee and so forth.



Just a couple more points to cover then we are through.


Email is often overlooked due to social media’s impact on generating traffic.

Email marketing is creating a mailing list. Email is an excellent choice to keep in touch with your audience thru newsletters, announcements, etc.

Here are some best mailing list management tools for you:

    • AWeber
    • MailChimp.

Finally, you need website hosting for all this :

  • Wealthy Affiliates.
  • InMotion

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I hope you found this article useful!

Feel free to rant, rave or review this post in comments below.

See ya next post!









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