How To Build Your Following On Social Media Including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube!

Have you heard of YouTube?

Who hasn’t?

Have you ever posted a comment on Facebook?

Pinned on Pinterest, tweeted on Twitter or uploaded a photo on Instagram?

If you have done any of those mentioned then you are using a social media platform.

Did you know there almost 4 billion people are engaging in some type of social media?

Let’s take a quick look at where everyone is.

In January 2017:

  • 1,860,000,000 were on Facebook
  • 1,000,000,000 were on Youtube
  • 600,000,000 were on Instagram
  • 313,000,000 were on Twitter

and 150,000,000 people on Pinterest.

With those kinds of numbers wouldn’t you like to learn how to leverage social media to make money?
Well, guess what?

Making Money Online The Easy Way will reveal the top marketing strategies that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Are you ready?

Let’s get cracking!


Strategies for Social Media.

Which marketing concepts and strategies are common to all social media?

These are the strategies that the top influencers adopted to build their followers on all social media platforms.

Social media is an ever-changing entity. It has changed how we approach business. What worked 2 years ago may not be valid today and you need to keep up to date on changing trends on your preferred social media platform.

Remember first and foremost, you are building a brand.

A brand that is recognizable, unique and trustworthy.

Your brand must be authoritative, authentic, personal and captivating.


Here are the 3 prevalent factors for your brand:
1. Your Vision.
Ask yourself these questions:

What are you trying to achieve?

What are your goals?

What problems will your business solve?

Why are you running this business?

Leave out making a lot of money out. lol

What drives and inspires you emotionally is what keeps you going when times are tough.

When you answer these questions, your vision will be clearer for your business and your social media strategy.

2. Your Unique Value Proposition.
What it basically means is how your brand bring value to your site visitor’s life?

Why should they follow you instead of your competitors?

What pain, frustration, problem, and need you help them solve?

And how do you solve this?

To do this you must answer your website visitors’ biggest question:

What’s in it for me?

3. Your Target Audience.
You must know your target audience/site visitor intimately.

What you need is to develop your target audience profile.

Always tailor your profile as you would an individual, not as a group.

This person is the one you will tailor your content and marketing around.

It makes your post and blog more interesting, captivating and intimate like how you would write to a friend.


Let me show you what I mean on how to develop a profile for your target audience.

First you must answer these questions:

  • Is your site visitor male or female? Or does it matter?
  • How old is he/she?
  • What is her/his profession?
  • Where do he/she go to hang out online?

Marital status, dreams, goals, needs, problems, and challenges all play a role when defining your target audience.

The more characteristic you embody your target individual with these traits the more real his problems, pain, and frustrations will become.

And the better you can address these issues.

This will shine thru when you write your posts and blog on your website making the article more interesting and engaging.


Once you get those 3 factors down pat  now its time for your elevator pitch.

Your elevator pitch will  define your brand in one concise sentence, it must include:

  • What is your brand?
  • What problem or need does it solve?
  • And who is it for?

Once you have answered those questions,

then give them your best shot, your elevator pitch!

Remember to keep this in mind, it only takes 3 seconds and a click and you will lose him/her forever.


Now, that you put it all together, it is time to develop your social media strategy!

This post is about what all social media platforms  need in order to grow your following.

Each platform is good for specified things.

So developing a strategy that complements them all is what you look for.


Are you ready?
Well, let’s get started!
Your Social Media Strategy will include:

A cohesive strategy means making your marketing efforts efficient when you:

1. Cross promote and connect your platforms and your website.

2. Have a direct link to all your social networks from each of your profiles.

3. Always share from one platform to another and meet and greet people ( ask them to join in).

4. Put social media widget on your website such as a follow, to subscribe, or join buttons.


Oh before I forget, make sure your website is responsive.

Responsive means mobile friendly.

Did you know 50% of all social media engagement is on an IPad, tablet, or smartphone?

Don’t want to miss out on that consumer base, do we?


  • Consistent and quality content.

You need to provide high-quality content on a regular basis.

Regular posting is a must.

Quality posts come from proper research.

Giving your followers want they want to see and interested in not what you think they want.

Follow the top performers in your field to see what they are up to.

Keep up with changing trends in your niche will also give you an idea what your followers want.

Don’t forget to ask your audience.

Take a poll.

You may be in for a surprise.


  • Remember to be social.

This is social media, right?

That’s the key to making your content engaging and make your following grow.

It’s not just posting.

It also entails communicating, sharing, and networking.

You always want to engage with your followers. Ask a question, their opinions, etc.

Try to respond in a timely manner to comments, messages retweets, etc.

Follow others in your niche sharing and commenting on their posts and blogs.

Listen when they rant, rave or review with genuine interest so you can be informed and intelligent with your comments and feedback.

And when you comment doesn’t be self-promoting that’s a form of spamming which can get you banned on that social media platform.


This is networking and getting people to notice you.

Do this consistently and people will want to check you out without a spammy sales pitch.

Give value and help first.


This networking also goes for influencers with a large following.

Their endorsement can increase your following and growth to your brand tremendously.

But you gotta pay your dues.

Over time they will notice you when you gradually build a relationship.



A call to action (CTA) must be included for more engagement like requesting a comment or share an opinion on a rant, rave or review.

Tagging someone, sharing and liking and sometimes clicking on a link are all forms of engagement.

Try to engage in every post, It will make following you more enjoyable

. It shows that you are no fluff. you don’t just put out information. you give and take, in other words, engagement.


A compelling profile is a must.

It is the often time the first thing people see and decide from there whether to follow or not.

It defines your brand and their first introduction to you.

Remember you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Make it your best shot.



Having contests and giveaways are great for starting a buzz and getting your brand noticed.

The entrance requirement can be a follow, a share, a like, and sign up on your mailing list.

Wishpond is a good contest management tool for this.

Guest posting is a powerful and fast way for people to notice your business and social media platforms.

You are invited to write an article for a well-known blog who has a large and active following.

This exposure can grow your business enormously also you are being recognized as an authority in your field.

You can include your social media profile in the author bio section.


Kindle Publishing.

Writing and selling your eBook on Amazon.

Being a published author brings with it prestige and you are perceived as an authority.

In addition, you are using the marketing power of the biggest online store with almost 300 million active members.

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow a following.



You must keep an eye on your analytics.

All social media platforms have an analytic page that includes:

1. Data on your audience demographics.

2. Which posts got the most engagement.

3. How well is your page growing?  Your site health.


Use this information to fine-tune your website marketing campaign.

Check it regularly and adjust where needed.


Email marketing far outranks any other marketing campaign including Facebook and Google ads.

Building a mailing list is often overlooked by many internet entrepreneurs.

Use a mailing list to send out a newsletter acquiring new customers, selling ebooks, and recommending relevant and related affiliated products, informational articles, etc,

Aweber and Mailchimp are excellent for collecting email addresses, obtaining an autoresponder, etc.


So there you have it. the concepts and strategies common to all social media platform.

My next post will be all the scheduling and management tools for all social media platforms.

These tools will be your new BFF( best friend forever).

They will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and prevent burnout.

===>>>To learn how to build your following on social media and implement these techniques on your online business.  CLICK HERE.

See you next post!

I hope you found this article useful to you!

Feel free to rant, rave or review this post in comments below.






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