How To Convert Your Online Traffic Into Sales With These 7 Simple Tricks Each And Every Time!

When converting your new traffic into sales, try using these 7 simple tricks to transform your blog post into a revenue generating cash cow.


To get your traffic to convert you must provide a solution to their desires, need, goals,  etc.

Remember your main goal is to bring something that is of value to your site visitor.

And convince him or her that they are better off with your product or service.

Not tomorrow!
like right now!

And sometimes your visitor need to be reminded that they need your product or services.(Hint: emails)


Making money online the easy way have compiled the 7 best kept secret tactics used to “persuade” your site visitors into converting i.e. email sign up, online and offline products purchases. follows, retweets, etc.

each and every time!



How do you get them to convert?

When your tap into their emotions, that’s how!

You must use power words in your website or blog post to provoke your site visitor’s emotions.

Emotions are  by far the strongest motivators!

This blog will unveil the 7 types of emotions your should create within your visitor to guarantee conversion!

  1. Fear
  2. Encouragement
  3. Lust
  4. Anger
  5. Greed
  6. Safety/security
  7. Forbidden/taboo

Are your ready to see if these 7 techniques really work?

Well, let’s get cracking!

1. Fear.

Fear is without a doubt the most powerful emotion to used to grab and keep your attention.

All your gotta do is look at the news and their “breaking news” headlines.

They use fear tactics all the time to keep you glued to your television set.

Check out these fear invoking words:

  1. Agony
  2. Backlash
  3. Catastrophy
  4. Deadly
  5. Embarrass
  6. Apocalypse
  7. Jeopardy
  8. Looming
  9. Lurking
  10. Slaughter


2. Encouragement.

Sometimes your are just not feeling it!

You don’t have any energy or enthusiasm.!

All great leaders past and present have used powerful words of encouragement to “rally” the troops so to speak.

Everyone needs a pep talk once in a while!

Use encouraging words like:

  1. Amazing
  2. Badass
  3. Cheer
  4. Defeat
  5. Empower
  6. Honor
  7. Incredible
  8. Jaw-dropping
  9. Stunning
  10. Terrific
3. Lust.

Let’s take a minute and learn from the porn industry!

Almost every article, ad or product rears this deadly sin’s ugly head.

They promote sex.

Plain and simple!

Their products promises to give your more desirable traits or enhance the ones your already have!

Let’s see if these lustful words will:

  1. Allure
  2. Arouse
  3. Beguile
  4. Crave
  5. Charm
  6. Spellbind
  7. Stimulate
  8. Tantalize
  9. Thrill
  10. Spice
4. Anger.


This one here is sneaky and diabolical!

I just love it!

You can provoke anger and outrage by showing your site visitor what someone else is doing wrong.

You must “persuade” them that they must take corrective actions immediately to divert a disaster.

You must fan the flames to get your site visitor into such a frenzy that all  all they see is red and the situation has become so unbearable they must act now!

Use these anger invoking power words to get your site visitor’s blood boiling like:

  1. Abhorrent
  2. Backstabbing
  3. Cheat
  4. Dishonest
  5. Exploit
  6. Punish
  7. Revolting
  8. Brutal
  9. Ruined
  10. Desecrate

5. Greed.

This is one of my favorites!

I betcha everyone your know is interested in saving money or making money!

Who doesn’t love a bargain?

Or a freebie!

The 6 figure income you can attain from the mega niches are staggering and would entice the most frugal miser to go all in!

Make sure to use words like:

  1. Bonanza
  2. Costly
  3. Discount
  4. Extra
  5. Fortune
  6. Golden
  7. Treasure
  8. Whopping
  9. High-paying
  10. Greatest
6. Security/Safety.

Everyone likes to feel safe and secure!

Security is invoked when your site visitor is confident that they can count on you and your products.

They are secure in knowing your product is high quality and reliable.

They feel safe knowing your product will deliver.

And get the results they seek.


This one is tricky because you got to get the site visitor to know  like, and  trust  you and your brand.

You are building a relationship with your site visitor. (HINT: Use email marketing)

You can only build this relationship over time!

However, once this relationship is established the benefits are well worth it!

Some benefits your will get:

  • customer loyalty
  • offline purchases
  • repeated business

To get your ball rolling I will provide your with these insider tips on how to build your following by making your brand recognizable, unique and trust worthy on social media!

These power words would make the most paranoid convert:

  1. Above and beyond
  2. Best selling
  3. Certified
  4. Endorsed
  5. Foolproof
  6. Cancel anytime
  7. Ironclad
  8. Lifetime
  9. Guaranteed
  10. No obligation



7. Forbidden/taboo

Since time immemorial man has been fascinated with the knowledge that comes with partaking from the”tree of good and evil!”


Your site visitor curiosity will be pique when your invoke this emotion!

Use this one with caution because this one will radiate throughout their entire being!

Don’t open this Pandora’s box unless your product  can deliver as promised!


Your site visitor won’t be able to control him or herself!

He or she must partake of this forbidden fruit.

You will be having your site visitor begging to convert when your use words like:

  1. Blacklisted
  2. Classified
  3. Hush-hush
  4. Illegal
  5. Little-known
  6. Concealed
  7. Cover-up
  8. From the vault
  9. Unauthorized
  10. Withheld
Well, how are your feeling now?

I told ya   power words  will always cause a  stir  in your emotions!




We are now going to strategically place them in your website or blog post to get the biggest bang for your buck!




  1. Headlines
  2. SubHeads
  3. Domain name
  4. Promotional emails and newsletters


Let’s take a peek of the ones just mentioned.


1. Headlines.

Anyone who has been online for any length of time knows that your headline is your most important part of your article.

Your headline’s purpose is to entice your site visitor to read the rest of your article by grabbing his or her attention.

Just adding one or two power words is enough to pique your site visitor’s curiosity!


Check out this Headline from BuzzFeed:

Beyonce Just Unveiled Her Twins To The World In The Most Breathtaking Photos!

Now your site visitor will want to stick around to see those photos!

See how the power word works in the headline?


2. Sub heads.
What exactly is a subhead?

The heading beneath the main heading.

Even when a site visitor clicks on your article because of your attention grabbing title or headline, most will still just scan it to see if its deem worthy of a further read!

This is where your subheads must pick up where the title or headline left off.

Your subheads should captivate your visitor even more BY KEEPING THEIR ATTENTION!


For example after your headlines your should introduce your topic paragraph with one or two power words in your subheading.

Look at these examples from Smart Blogger:

Three Rock-Solid Reasons To Write Your First E-book

Why Most E-books Are Embarrassingly Bad

Planning Mistakes: How To Doom Your E-book Before You Even Start To Writing


3. Domain name.

Your domain name should have a power word in it.

Using a power word in your URL or domain name makes your brand stand out, be recognizable and unforgettable.


4. Promotional and content(newsletter) emails.
Did your know that email marketing out performs any other internet marketing campaign.

It is even better than Facebook and Google’s ads.

Most internet users get an average of 120 emails a day!

So your need powers word to get your email NOTICED AND OPENED!


Look at this example from Ramit Sethi:

The Unspoken Rules Of Learning

The power word “unspoken” sounds more appealing than just plain ole “rules“.

Here is another good example from AppSumo:

Unleash The Power Of Video Chat

You see how the word “unleash” sounds as if your hide something with tremendous power inside the email!


Here are some more places your should place your power words:

  • Opt in Boxes
  • Home Page
  • Sales Pages
  • Testomonials
  • Bullet Lists
  • Product Names
  • E-book Titles


In conclusion, the leveraging impact of what one or two power words can do to your conversion rate is tremendous.

When your conversion rate is below 2 to 3% then your have a problem.


Using your power words to grab and keep your site visitors’ attention will increases the time that they spend on your page(TOP).

Which will increase your chance of a conversion.

Reducing your bounce rate is another benefit your get with emotion invoking power words.

Making Money Online The Easy Way final recommendation is get the most advanced and comprehensive training platform on starting, building and running your very own online business.





Well, I hope your find this blog useful.

Feel free to rant, rave or review in the comments below!






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