How To Write Money Making Blogs Like A Pro!

So you want to learn how to write a successful money making blog?

Writing a money making blog is not same as writing a novel or a blog with no financial aspiration.

Big money bloggers doesn’t post blogs with their rantings, ravings or whatever random rambling that suit their fancy at the moment!

Lack of understanding of how successful blogging works is the main reason why many people fail at producing a profitable blog.

The 2 main reasons why people fail  are:

  • Not following the proper methods of blog writing.
  • Not optimizing the marketing side of blogging.

This post will uncover the secret tactics the big money bloggers use for writing a cash generating blog!


There is writing and then there is writing like one of them big money blogger!


Writing a blog like the big money bloggers is easy if you adhere to the following:


  • Use small paragraphs in your blog.
  • Separate your ideas with H3 or H4 tags.
  • Use black or gray text on white background.
  • Use conversational speak or writing when you write your blog. It makes your blog sound more personal, engaging and interesting.
  • Use captivating headlines with H3 tags. Using powerful words in your blog that invokes the 7 key emotions within your customers.
  • Use relevant images/videos within the first fold of your blog post page.


Are you ready to go over these secrets techniques of writing money making blogs like the big money bloggers do!


Use small paragraphs in your blog.

You want to breakup your long paragraphs with shorter paragraphs and sentences.

The reason being is that writing  is like music it  must have rhythm.

It gives the reader a break.

And by  changing the rhythm

You wakes your reader up.

Too many short sentences makes your blog sound monotonous and dull like a robot!

Too long and your reader gets bored and tired. and they will bounce!

You need to limit your paragraphs to 6 lines of text.

Your sentences no more than 14 words.

Always try to use as much white space as possible in your post.

It gives the eyes a break.


Separate your ideas and titles with H3 or H4 tags.

Using H3 or H4 tags is a search engine optimization(SEO) technique.


SEO techniques and tools are used to make it easier for the search engines to find your domain.

Once a search engine locates your website, it is now indexed.

SEO tools and techniques is also used to get high ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! and other search engines‘ search result or ranking pages(SERPs).

YOUR SEO only job is to get your blog post the highest ranking possible on page1 of an search engines’ ranking page.

You should be aiming aiming at optimizing your  blog post towards Google’s search engines.

Since Google gets like 65% of all searches.


Use black or gray text on white background.

It has been proven that black or gray text with a white background has a lower bounce rate.

Bounce rate is when a site visitor click on your site without converting (not making a product purchases, email sign up, follow, retweet etc.),

The longer a visitor stays on your site(time on page) a better chance of making a sale(conversion).


Using conversational speak when you write.

Conversational writing makes your blog sounds as if you are personally talking to Him or Her!

Nobody speaks perfect English.

So keep it informal; make it sound like you are talking to a friend.

It makes your blog sound more intimate, personal and engaging.

You will   need to edit the post so you don’t come off sounding like you are writing.

Keep it conversational by all means!

You want to use the same simple sentences your ideal reader uses.


Power words are used  used in your headlines, sub headlines, and title to captivate your readers.

Let me clarify: when using power words to captivate, meaning to invoke an emotion in the reader.

Make sure it doesn’t sound out of context so your blog doesn’t sound like a sales pitch.

Use captivating headlines.

To hook your readers right away, your headlines needs to be captivating.

And how do you do that?

By using power words to create emotions in your readers!

Which emotions has the most impact?

Making money online the easy way has unveiled the 7 key emotional types that will convert your readers into buying customers:


  • Fear
  • Encouragement
  • Lust
  • Anger
  • Greed
  • Safety
  • Forbidden
Use relevant Images or videos within the first fold of your blog post.

The first fold, what does that mean?

Back in the early days of newspapers and direct marketing, the headlines and image was always position before the first fold of the newspaper.

How the newspaper was folded is where you saw the headlines and images!

Just look where the headlines and images are on a stack of folded newspapers




Nobody reads newspapers anymore!

On a web page the first fold is before you have to scroll down to read more of an article!



When you are writing your  profitable blogs  you must follow specific blog writing techniques like:
  • Grabbing your site visitor’s attention with a captivating title, headline and opening statement and final paragraphs.
  • Using power words to invoke emotion within your site visitors.
  •  Writing conversational. It must sound personal and engaging. Don’t want to come off sounding like a text book or like you are lecturing.

Oh before I forget one final note.

How you present your blog, can affect your site visitors time on page and bounce rate such as:

  • Did you use H3 or H4 tags in title, headlines and and subheads .
  • Did you use short paragraphs and sentences with a lot of white space in between.
  • Did you limit your sentences to 14 words and paragraphs to 6 lines.
  • Do your content sounds conversational, captivating, entertaining, unique and engaging.


Mixing your blog post length with short and long sentences changes the flow and rhythm of blog to keep your site visitor attention so you won’t bore him or her to death. 

Even your page layout must appeal to your site visitor’s eye!

Ask yourself the following:

Are your ads relevant to the topic?

Do you have a lot of popups?

Are your videos and other relevant images balanced throughout your blog post.


Finally you must edit your blog so it comes off sounding like you having a conversation with a good friend!


You can learn how to write money making blogs and much more from the most advanced and comprehensive training platform.

Here is the best part.

Its free.


Well, I hope this blog was helpful.

Feel free to rant, rave, or review in the comments below.



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