11 Newbie Mistakes That Will Break Your Online Business!-Mistakes You Should Avoid When Starting Your Online Business!

Where did I go wrong?

When you are starting anything new it can be exhilarating and exciting.


Like a new romance, that honeymoon stage as we like to call it.

The same can be said when starting your own online business!

Starting an internet business should not be taken lightly.

And I commend you for wanting to learn the most common mistakes that new entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them.

This is serious stuff and these mistakes can break you for years to come.

It is better that you get a head start and learn these mistakes from the get-go and how to avoid them so you can start your new online business with a BANG!

Making Money Online The Easy Way is  going to unveil to you the most common mistakes that break 99% of all new entrepreneurs!


Let’s get cracking!



Mistake #1. Lost in perfection.

You spend days even weeks, trying to find the perfect domain name, perfect logo, the perfect design, etc.

And you haven’t even started.

You got lost in details.

Pick a name, logo, and design that works!

Trust me it will evolve with time anyway!

Focus more on marketing, promoting and growing your audience/following, and selling.



Mistake #2. Have to know everything before you start.

You don’t have to wait to be an expert before you start putting into action what you have already learned.

Here’s a tip: Get started and learn as you go.

Become an expert AS YOU LEARN!

This one is based on the fear of failure.

Or worried that you are not doing it right!

So get some training and an overview and get started and apply what you have learned!


Mistake #3. Not spending any money on training.


Many of us will spend tens of thousands of dollars and years to go to college to learn a profession or learn a skill or trade.

Why not the same dedication and commitment when learning an online business.


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Mistake #4. The get-rich-quick or lottery mindset.

If you want to be a big money entrepreneur and create a lucrative online business., you need to get properly trained

And have the proper mindset.

You must understand these important points when starting, building and running a money making online business:


  • This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Give yourself at least one to two years to get rolling. It may take that long for Google to recognize your website or online business as trustworthy and an authority.
  • This is not easy, it takes a lot of dedication and work especially in the beginning.  Remember this is a business treat it like one.

This business has a steep learning curve.

It may be months before you see any results from all your efforts. It can be frustrating, but this normal part of the online process.

Remember steady as you go. Keep learning and improving.

And above all else



Mistake #5. No clear priorities or lack of focus.

Feeling overwhelmed?

That’s normal especially if you are new to the internet or you are not tech savvy.

During the first few months, it ‘s easy to get distracted from your priorities. All this information is thrown at you it is difficult to determine what is relevant and what is useless.


Mistake #6. Wasting time on the latest hack.

This means wasting time on the latest rage, ninja hack, and time management tools.

Hanging out in forums and open discussions on topics not relevant to your business development or priorities.

You spend more time reading the” top ten reasons why…,” “best tips…,” “how to…, ” etc., Instead of doing real work like growing your business!


Mistake #7. Being too general.

The internet is crowded and very competitive especially the mega-niches.

You need to find a sub-niche to specialize if you expect to build a following.

Find a sub-niche you can dominate!

Any niche can be broken down further where there is still a need to fulfill and few competitors.

You want to become that expert and the go-to person for that sub-niche.

It doesn’t take long to become an expert!.


Mistake #8. Lack of proper networking.

You don’t want to make the mistake of spamming comment sections and forums.

For example,

You leave a generic comment on someone’s website,

then put your website or social media link in their face.

Show a genuine interest by really reading their blog post, so you can give an informed and intelligent feedback.

ANOTHER NO-NO IS, bothering influencers to check out your blog and to give feedback.

Influencers worked hard to get their large following, and you must pay your dues too.


Mistake #9. Don’t isolate yourself.

Don’t be arrogant, so competitive driven and egocentric that you make yourself an island.

Always seek a win-win collaboration.

Don’t always spam people and pitch your products.

Try to be selfless, contributing and helpful to others.

Sometimes it’s not what you know it’s who you know.

You will need a widespread network if you want to succeed online.

This can open the door for guest posting which is an excellent method to increase your brand awareness.


Mistake #10.  Ignoring marketing and promoting.

Marketing is a must-have skill if you want to succeed online and promoting to build traffic to your website.

This can be:

  • Email marketing
  • Google ad words
  • Social media like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook,
  • Writing and selling Ebooks.
  • How to information products.

Just to name a few.


Mistake #11. Improper research and content curation.

Research starts with your niche and your related products, service or information.

You got to research your topics on what people want to buy and read.

And you must test.

This is another aspect of marketing.

If you find a sub-niche that is under service but no one interested. It’s a waste of time and money.

Your target audience must want or need your product like right now!

This way you don’t have to persuade them with a bunch of spammy or sleazy sales pitches.


High-quality content is the only thing that matters when posting your blog post, article, etc. on what people want to buy and read.

Your content must be unique, captivating, authoritative, accurate and has value.


Google’s first priority is to bring the best and most relevant content to its users whatever the user searches for.

To accomplish this you must do proper research on the topic or blog post.

You must curate your content.

Curating means collecting content from various sources which can include the news feed, forums, etc.

Always include quotes from reliable sources, and don’t forget to cite where you got it from.


Well, that’s it I hope you found this post blog to be useful.

Feel free to rant, rave and review in the comments below.

See you next blog!












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  1. Hi Lee. You have some very great information on things we should avoid when being a newbie to creating an online business. I particularly like how you pointed out it is now a get rich scheme. It does take work and time. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Hi Melissa, thank you so much for coming back! As with any post I publish it must do one or more of the following: empower, educate, entertain, engage, inform, or inspire. Those newbie mistakes can cost you. I myself was guilty for a lot of them in the beginning. Thank you for the feedback.

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