8 Reasons Why You Must Become An Expert Blogger In 2020 To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing!



You are hearing that term a lot nowadays.

Making Money Online The Easy Way have concerns that internet marketing trends are shifting for various reasons especially in affiliate marketing.

Blogging will become more prevalent in your internet marketing campaign in the coming years on whether your online business will be a hit or miss.

This post will discuss these trends and how it will affect your online business.

As our attention span shorten and our love for social media increases, are you wondering if a blog is still needed in your internet marketing campaign?

We believe it is.

Here is our list of reasons why blogging will continue to be a vital part of promoting your service, products or informational products.


1. You got to be omnipresence.

You have to be everywhere your target audience is.

Consumer wants to be able to communicate with a business or brand on whatever channel they choose.

Social media such as YouTube, Facebook Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest for example will continue to grow in popularity for instant gratification.

When a consumer needs a more in depth informative well research content this is where a blog is invaluable.


2. A blog complements social media.

A blog and social media not only co exist, they feed off and from each other.

For example if a hot topic is on Twitter then it can be continued on a blog post with additional articles and resources.

You can share this  bite size content on social media that acts as teaser for the long piece of content on the blog post.

3. Gives your brand credibility and authority.

Blogs are excellent for consumers to see trends and discuss relevant content of interest relating to current issues.


4. Blogs are part of a valued transaction.

People are always exchanging their time for high quality content.

Using a blog to exchange a value transaction is an excellent marketing strategy.

If a brand gives something of value free, and if your content is empowering, educating, entertaining and inspiring, then a blog is a great venue for returning visitors and customers.


5. SEO techniques and ranking.

A high quality and relevant blog using the proper search optimization tools and techniques can increase your ranking within search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Higher ranking means more traffic . And more traffic translates to more revenue.


6. Success stories.

Everyone loves a rag to riches story.

A Cinderella story.

Who doesn’t root for the underdog?


Success stories are enjoyed by everyone.

Case studies and testimonies are a great place for a blog.

A blog that is a tear jerker are always a hit.


7. Understanding your target audience.

If you monitor your data underpinning your content you can get a better understanding of your target audience likes, needs, and problems, etc.

You can see what article they like, what format they prefer and which ones are shared on social media.

Google analytics gives you an easy way to compare the performance of your post to rest of your content on your website.


8. Your competitors are doing it.

Check out what the top ranking related blogs are doing and see if you can tweak your blog one way or the other.

Do what they are doing or not doing.

This can make the difference in conversion rate.

Did you know that embedded images generates 43% more clicks than text alone.

As you can see blogging isn’t going away any time soon.


Now we are going to explore why you need to become an expert in blogging if you expect to make money in 2018.


You need to become an expert in blogging because a blog is what drives traffic to your website.

So how can you drive any traffic?


By blogging, and it working closely with and leveraging social media and search engines that’s how!

Every time you write a blog post your website has another page to be index which in turn creates more opportunity for you to show up in search engines ( Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, etc) rankings. It makes it easier for site visitors to find you.

Every time you post a blog you are creating content that can be shared by social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, etc.

I’m  feeling real good so here is a bonus for reading my blog:

4 easy ways to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing!

Affiliate marketing is without a doubt the best avenue to go to monetize your blog.


The 4 steps of monetizing your blog consist of:


1. Choose relevant affiliate programs.

You must choose programs related to your content.

If you are focusing on a specific topic then you should join affiliate programs specifically associated with your content.

You should incorporate related and relevant physical products to your blog with their affiliate links.

2. Consider an affiliate aggregator services.

If your blog has a variety of topics, then you should use Viglink an affiliate aggregator that automates access to over 30,000 affiliate programs .

They will monetize your links on your site for you. Viglink has an optional link insertion, they will insert a new link where one does not exist.

3. Create content that sells.

We are talking about creating product reviews blogs.

Many bloggers write reviews of products with affiliate marketing in mind.

Affiliate ads can be seen as additional resources that complement your blog post.

Don’t expect people to click on links because you list them.

Instead, write an informative review that educates your site visitor about the product.

This gives the user a more pleasant, intimate and informed experience.

===>>> To learn more about product review blogs, check out my post:  The Best Blog For Making Money For Beginners.


4. Integrate your affiliate links appropriately.

If you do use affiliate ads or banners maintain a balance on you blog post.

Too many ads and banners makes you look like a pushy salesman and too many visuals can take away from your content.

I recommend no more than 3 per page.



Steps needed to become a big money blogger:

Before we go you will need expert training in:

  • Blogging and affiliate marketing.
  • Website setup, layout and appearance.
  • WordPress training
  • Web copy writing
  • content strategy marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media optimization


This training should be as comprehensive as possible  from start to finish!

Making Money Online The Easy Way recommend Wealthy Affiliate.



===>>>To learn HOW TO BLOG FOR PROFITS from the most advanced and comprehensive training in blogging and affiliate marketing and earn while you learn. CLICK HERE.



Hope this blog helps you out.

Feel free to rant, rave or review in the comments below.

See ya next post!







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