How To Use Promotional Emails To Boost Your Business!

We all still get advertisements the old fashion way i.e. 3rd class mail! 

Well,  promotional email is the doing same thing except its digital.

The advantages are:

  • Global mass mailing is instantaneous.
  • low cost except your internet provider subscription. and tools such as autoresponder, social media scheduling and management tools , etc.
  • No waste on uninterested parties. You are invited to come to their homes via email opt in.


Have you ever got an email and it offers a free product or service you just got to have?


And to get that “must have” product all you have to do is sign up by providing your name and email!

Well, that’s email marketing in a nutshell!

 Making Money Online The Easy Way will show you the best strategies on using promotional emails to boost your business!

Email marketing.
What exactly is email marketing?

Email marketing is when you email to potential and current customers (target audience).

The email usually consists of advertisements, business requests or to solicit sales.

Its strategy is to build loyalty, trust and increase your brand awareness.

Email marketing is one of the best means to build your following and promote your online business.


Email marketing’s main purpose for your online business :

  • build current customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Acquire new customers with a free offer of value in exchange for their name and email address.
  • Promote third-party products thru affiliate links. This method uses content emails ( newsletters) for products’ reviews and recommendations
Types of Email.

The 2 types of emails we are concerned with for our online business and blog posts are:

  • Promotional
  • Content.

This article is about promotional emails.

Content emails(newsletters) which is where you really generate revenue.


Promotional vs. Content emails.

So what’s the difference?

Promotional emails are when your email is used to entice your target audience on your website to join your email list usually by offering a gift ( a bribe) that help them solve a problem, fulfill a need or desire, or reach a goal.

That’s the secret!

The bribe must be something relevant and has value to your target audience!

Its underlying goal is building customer loyalty, trust, promoting your business and increase your brand awareness.


Content emails are simply newsletter articles containing tips, tricks solutions, and the likes.

Load your content emails with affiliated relevant and related products, services and information to your target audience.

Promotional emails lead into content emails-where you really make the money.

Newsletters are used to educate your readers on how to solve a specific problem, fulfill a need or reach a goal and inform them of the solutions that you provide.

 Hereis a secret:  Don’t always  use your content emails (newsletter)  as a sales pitch.

It makes you look pushy, spammy and sleazy.

Your content emails should empowers, educates, engages, entertains, informs and inspires your following as well.

Endowing your emails with these traits makes your blog more personal, captivating and engaging.

Remember you are building a relationship with your following.

Its rewards will be loyalty, trust, and repeated business.


The mighty power of persuasive emails.

An effective email marketing campaign can do your business wonders by helping you with the following:


  • Sell informational products such as “HOW TO…”  e-manuals.
  • Fill free consultation services to interested parties to learn about your premium products and services offerings.
  • Upgrade clients to a paid Ebook.
  • Promote free webinars as a way to increase awareness and spark interests into one of your paid solutions.


These examples are the short list of what the powers of an effective email marketing campaign can do.


The 5 steps to writing persuasive promotional emails.


1. Choose the right angle to get your emails noticed. With all the emails(120) that your client receives on a given day, your email must stand out.

You can do this by identifying and addressing a specific need or problem your client is experiencing and the services you provide is the solution.


2. Get your email opened with an attention-grabbing subject line. 

Your subject line is your headline.

Look at your newspaper’s heading to get an idea  on how to use them.

Your email only got one shot to grab your reader’s attention and get opened.

For example “How to make 6 figures with emails” will surely grab their attention.


3. Pique your readers interest with an intriguing opening statement. 

Your opening is your first paragraph before your main body content.

Once your email is opened you must hook them right away.

Your opening statement must cut to the chase, no preamble like how you doing, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Throw them a line so scandalous, shocking, funny, or inform them of little-known facts that they can’t help but keep reading for fear of missing something juicy.


The 4 types of opening statements that can hook are:


Straight to the point.

This method is used when you hone in on the problem your reader is experiencing and show them how you can solve the problem with your offer.


Character introduction.

Use a case study/testimony to paint a picture how a client was struggling (addressing the problem) and how it was solved with the help of your solution(product).



Give your readers the shocking truth about a topic, for example, dispelling myths are good for this one or little-known facts.


Setting a stage.

Make your reader really feel the emotion you or a client felt when you are retelling the story. Was it misery?  Was it the fear of losing something?  How about frustration?  Tap into your reader’s emotions!

Invoking emotions are the strongest motivators to persuade your customers to take action.



4. Captivate your readers’ interest with a compelling body content.

Your opening statement leads your reader to your compelling body.

Your body content should be created in a way to show YOUR READERS THE BENEFITS THEY WILL GET BY BUYING YOUR SOLUTION(PRODUCT).

Help them see that working with you through your products is the only viable option.



5. Call readers to action (conversion).

Many internet marketers skip this step entirely.

Don’t assume the reader knows that your products or services (solution) is available, how to obtain them and at what cost.

Tell them exactly what to do for example:


  • Download your free Ebook.
  • Start a subscription i.e. join your email list.(newsletter)
  • purchase your “HOW TO” manual

and the list goes on!


In conclusion.

Promotional emails are just what they are: to promote your business and increase brand awareness, attract new customers, and build a following by enticing your readers with a relevant and valued bribe in exchange for their name and email address.


On a final note, promotional emails are lead generators  for the  money making  content email(newsletter)!


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I hope you found this article useful!

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